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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Demonstrating at the NWWC this Tuesday

This Tuesday Dec 8th I will be demonstrating how to shape wood with hand tools at the Niagara Woodworking Club's December meeting. Using drawknives, spokeshaves, rasps, files and scrapers is something many woodworkers are either intimidated by or have just never been introduced to. You can check out the pictures from the event at the club's website http://www.niagarawoodworkingclub.blogspot.com/ on Wednesday.

This week the boys had some breakthroughs.... Jake can already roll on to his belly but just the other day was able to roll back on to his back. I am sure going to have my hands full soon. Nathan on the other hand wants nothing to do with rolling (thatta boy) yet has continued his streak of refusing to wear a sock on his right foot. I must put that right sock on 20-30 times a day.

I need to go through the links on this page as I am told that some are no longer active. I will try and make time this week. I went with my wife on a Buffalo woodworking tour and hit the Buffalo Rockler and Woodcraft stores. That was my first time at the Buffalo Woodcraft but thought the store was in stock and welcoming, Woodcraft just opened the Buffalo store a few months ago. I need to get going on the box for the woodworking club contest. I should be able to make some headway around the holidays.