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Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well the house is all decorated. It took three days to decorate but it's done. Debbi and I took the boys Christmas shopping and believe it or not we are almost done our shopping for everyone. We bought family stockings for both the boys and ourselves. The twins also each got their own "Babies First Christmas" ornaments which are now hanging on the tree upstairs. In one of the stores we went into we found these little snow globe tree ornaments that are personalized with your name on them. Feeling nostalgic I bought ornaments that say Nathan, Jacob, Mom and Dad and hung the little snow globe ornaments on the tree downstairs, all on the same branch too.

Woodshop is full of toys right now. You would swear that the shop looks like Santa's workshop as nearly all the bench space is covered in trains and dogs and pieces about to be toys. Today is Thanksgiving in the USA and I call it Football day at my house so the boys and I will be watching the festive games and I will get back to the shop tomorrow.