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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow is here

Well the snow and the cold have finally arrived. I will take snow over rain as I find snow to be uplifting as opposed to the rain. I did the presentation of how to shape wood with hand tools at the Niagara Woodworking Club this past Tuesday. I roughed out a cabriole leg in my shop with the bandsaw so as to show how to smooth the form out with a spokeshave and I also brought a oak riving to show how to use a drawknife, spoke shave and scrapers to create a windsor chair spindle. I thought the demonstration went well and club members asked questions so hopefully I may have turned a few to the hand tool side of woodworking. I said I would finish the cabriole leg and bring it for the next meeting so I must remeber to do that and I think I may even put some finish on it to show it off a bit too.

The boys are doing great and the holiday plans are falling into place. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. The woodshop is in need of some cleaning so I should get at it.