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Monday, February 1, 2010

Strange Days

Theses days as of late sure have been strange. With both my parents being ill and in hospitals I have find joy in my twin boys who are doing just awesome. Jacob had his first tooth on Sunday and his second popped today. Nathan is drooling terribly and is not comfortable so I expect a tooth anyday now. It has been terribly cold out this past couple weeks. Debbi and I purchased new car seats for the boys as they are near the limits of their current seats. I am not looking forward to switching car seats as the new seat stay attached to the car so loading the kids will be more work then strapping them up in the house and carrying the boys and the seats to the car. Our stroller has a defective part and I contacted the company and received very quick response and had little aggravation as they are apparently sending the new part. That was easy!