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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking Care

As some of you know I am dealing with some family health issues right now. My mom is awaiting news of what is next in her battle, while my father is still in the hospital. I am doing OK as I always seem to step up when times get rough but I have to admit I am getting tired. On a positive note the twins started solid food this past weekend and I did my first solo feeding of the solid food for both yesterday. The boys did good and are not quite sure about solid food but they will get the hang of it. After the twins last doctor appointment Debbi and I had to go car seat shopping as my boys are almost ready for the next size car seats. Debbi is starting to ramp up as "financial season" is upon us again. My poor woodshop is being neglected and is need of a good cleaning. Any takers??? Speaking of cleaning I am still going strong with Kijiji and selling items that we no longer need or have room for because with twin boys in this house they sure do take up a lot of room! So this is the first entry for 2010 and hopefully everyone keep their fingers crossed we can all have a good year.