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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Vacuum Gouge

Have you ever thought that turning wood is a messy job?
As you turn wood the chips fly at you.....
If the wood is green, you get sprayed with water from the wood.....
You can not wear a shirt or apron with pockets for they get full of chips and dust.....
Well let me tell you.............
The Vacuum Gouge eliminates all these problems. You will not have to sharpen your gouge as often as there is a sharp edge 360 degrees around the tip so just give a little turn a VOILA the gouge is sharp again. I was introduced to this tool about a month or so ago and could not believe how simple an idea it is.

I used this tool for the turnings on the tall sack back rocking chair and was impressed at how clean the area was after all that turning.
So take it from me this is a definite keeper and something every spindle turner should have!
I might show a video of how easy it is to use this tool this weekend if I figure out how to do that.