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Monday, August 22, 2016

Russian orthodox crosses part 3

Another set of crosses for a client, this marks the third set now. The white oak is dimensioned and planed smooth. Next I layout the perpendicular half lap joints and the angled half lap. Cut with a dovetail saw and clear out the waste on the table saw with a cross cut sled. Now dial in the fit by paring down with a chisel. Glue in the angled joint first. Now I can cut the ends of the small piece parallel to the main body with the cross cut sled on the table saw. Glue up the final two joints and let set. Now sand/ plane the joints flush. Using a sharp chisel I now chamfer the edges and do an inside mitered chamfer for all bisecting pieces. After that do some touch up sanding if need be and because these are requested as unfinished these crosses are done!