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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labour Day "Log" Weekend

This is a 100+ year slab from a maple tree in Port Dalhousie that had been cut down. This slab is 4" thick, 5 feet round and weighs I'm guessing about 200 pounds. Here it is in the van when I got it home.

Here the slab is out of the van and propped up on sawhorses. I am going to smooth out all the chainsaw marks on both sides and make a table out of this gorgeous piece of history.

As you can see the slab was cut just prior to the crotch of the tree and has three piths or centers. I have counted the rings and have determined the tree was somewhere between 123 and 127 years old. I have used Pentacryl to help stop the checking but because I was working out in the driveway and under the sun and exposed to the wind I have some small cracks from the slab drying irregularly. I have set up a small "tent" around it and am using a dehumidifier to extract the moisture like a small kiln you might say. Keep your fingers crossed that not too much movement happens and the cracks and checking are minimized.

This will officially become a coffee table so now I can start planning out the legs. When I was at the mill this morning looking for ideas I posed the question to the owner and suggested some ash branches say about 4-5 inches in diameter and use four of them with the bark left on. I had not thought of that and am not totally convinced but he is getting me some anyway. I had originally thought of a three leg configuration using chunky say 6-8 inch square maple and distressing it. So as you can see the jury is still out but I can not do anything until the slab gets to about a 8-9% moisture content. When I got it home it was 34% and now 2 months later it is at 18% so I have some time to decide yet.

I will keep updating on the "Log Table" as it progresses